About alwaysMe

We live in a world where technology and social media provide unlimited opportunities to document every facet of our lives.

But what happens when life on Earth is over? What happens to those pictures in that old shoe box at the back of the closet? What becomes of the pictures saved on the computer, or the videos taken on a phone? What about that Facebook page?

This is the painful challenge we face when we’ve lost someone. While they are no longer with us physically, we strive to continue holding on to each precious memory. Unfortunately, we are human, and even though your loved ones should never be forgotten, memories do fade.

alwaysMe offers a solution to this problem. We give you the means to create what is essentially an electronic scrapbook for your loved ones – a way to share with the world the photos and videos taken during their lives, and a chance to impart your own memories, stories, and reflections. With alwaysMe, you have a platform to preserve and share their legacy.

To honor your loved one with an alwaysMe profile,